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We’re in the midst of launching the new Admissions site–in phases, believe it or not. So right now we have up simultaneously with, though the front page of the latter redirects to the former at the moment. But if you know a second-level page you can explore the new site, like

This is good in a lot of ways, including getting search working ahead of time–giving our Google spiders the run of the place, basically–but frustrating in others. Most of those frustrating bits are things we wouldn’t want to have public, certainly, but the longer we wait, the worse it might be in terms of fixing the things that need it after launch (both myself and the other main person working on the site have vacation time and/or conferences coming up fast that would preclude helping with damage control if need be).

I rather wish I’d started this blog earlier, though, if only to take a look back and see how much we’ve covered in how short a time period.

A lot of people laughed when they heard we were planning a complete and total redesign–infrastructure, information architecture, design, content, and all–in the span of five months. But we hit it.


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